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Are you trying to learn Thai but nothing is really working?

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Study from Home

Thai Dojo is a great way for you to practice Thai from the comfort of your own home without even having a Thai person around.


Play and Learn

Learning a language can be really boring but with Thai Dojo we make it fun with our interactive games you'll never be bored learning Thai again.


Learn at your Time

If you have a mobile device with internet connection you could learn anytime any place. Thai Dojo is a fully interactive mobile learning system.

Learn 5 Thai Words
in just 2 minutes!

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Over 10,000 word combinations

Busy Professionals

Great for busy professionals and those with short attention spans.

Unique Design

We put an emphasis on easy of use, no more reading text books just click and play to learn Thai.

Interactive solution

Using the most current web technologies we have designed our course to be as natural as possible.

#1 Thai Game App of the year

The Thai dojo is the most unique mobile solution for learning Thai on the market.

Flash Cards

Instead of using a list of words Thai Dojo uses a list of images "flashcards" to help aid in the memorization of Thai words.

How it works

Using picture as word associations you can learn Thai fast and fun.

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